Energy Transition Projects at the Fraternity in Jangsung, Korea

The Holy Korean Martyrs Province in South Korea has approved three energy transition projects of the St. Francis nursing home and the fraternity nearby. Here are the details:

  1. Solar panels for heating water (St. Francis nursing home)
  • Installation year: May 2009
  • Capacity: 500㎡/ h
  • Reduction of energy consumption: 7.224 toes (Ton of Oil Equivalent)/ year
  • Reduction of CO2 emission: 20.765t/year
  • Oil efficiency (saving): 5,000 USD/year
  1. Solar panels for electricity (St. Francis nursing home)
  • Installation year: April 2012
  • Capacity: 60kW/h
  • Reduction of energy consumption: 8.693 toes/year
  • Reduction of CO2 emission: 17.439tCO2eq./year
  • Electrical efficiency (saving): 2,000 USD/year
  1. Solar panels for electricity (Jangsung Fraternity)
  • Installation year: November 2019
  • Capacity: 18kW/h

The installation of photovoltaic panels was a negative factor in the short-term economy when these projects were conceived 11 years ago. It would take a long time to recover the investment cost, and there was no guarantee for that. Also, because the exterior of the nursing home so beautiful that it received an architectural award, there was a risk of harming its aesthetics. Thus, the Jangsung Fraternity brothers had to decide between the two choices, “Shall we pursue the exterior beauty or the value?” After consideration, the brothers chose the Franciscan values; eco-friendliness and the care for creation.

When we evaluate the whole project, it brightened the future, especially for the next generations. As Pope Francis speaks of the climate crisis in his encyclical Laudato Si’, we can protect God’s creation from destruction by choosing more ecological and alternative energy sources instead of fossil fuels. In this way, we appreciate the beauty of the natural world and pass it on to the next generation. I want everyone in the world to know that using green energy is the way to save ourselves and our children. Unfortunately, the current economic system based on the limitless exploitation of natural resources only seeks maximized corporate profit. It’s destroying the Life of the Earth. What we can and should do now is not only the prayer, also the shift to the alternative green energy.

Br. Michael Joonyoung Park, OFM
Executive director, St. Francis Nursing Home


Posted on

24 July 2020


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