Online courses

During the Laudato Si’ Revolution campaign, we will offer online courses in four languages on the encyclical Laudato Si’ under the theme of “integral ecology”.  Each course consists of 10 lessons spread over 10 weeks so that participants can arrange their time and take a lesson within the space of one week. At the end of the course, the participants must write an article according to the indications of each teacher. A certificate of participation will be given to those who complete the 10 lessons. The courses are free of charge upon registration.

Starting date of the courses according to language.

Voices of the People Webinar

A webinar is a virtual space that allows us to meet over the Internet, through the application “zoom”, from different places in the world. During the Laudato Si’ Revolution campaign, we will hold several webinars per language to listen to the experience of people who are victims of the climate crisis, the migration crisis and the socio-environmental crisis. We will also listen to people who are involved in the fight against these crises. If you want to receive an invitation to participate in these online conferences, register here.